What People are Saying
Brian R. Cooney Brian R. Cooney Brian R. Cooney Brian R. Cooney

"Thank you for a great evening last night at the Woods Clubhouse Grille!
Your songs took us back to the good times of our youth and young adulthood when the world seemed a lot simpler."

Thank you, Brian! As always, we thoroughly enjoyed listening to you!
-- Gretchen

"Beth and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves last evening!"

"We really enjoyed listening and visiting with you"

"Brian, when I heard you play at The Woods, it was like you had read my iTunes "favorite songs" playlist and played them all evening.
I look forward to the next set."

"I don't give out many 10s, but you are definitely a 10."

"Really enjoyed last night at the Cellar! Thanks for the nice entertainment!!! Will be back!"

"Thank you Brian. As usual, you took me to a place I often wish to stay."

"I was there and had a great time. Thank you Brian for a great show."

Wow! So good!
--Facebook comment.

Beautiful! And your song selection was excellent!
--Facebook comment.

Wow!! Great sound.
--Facebook comment.

That sounded great! I liked the songs you chose!
--Facebook comment.

These (songs) are great! Thanks for sharing
--Facebook comment.